studio (study), digital print, 2011

untitled (drawing #26 from the blog paper cracks, 2013)

untitled (they are interactive). birch multiplex, wheels, photocopies (leaflets), digital print, cellophane. dimensions variable. installation view from the graduation show royal academy of art, the hague 2-9 july 2011.

untitled (they are interactive), birch multiplex, photocopies (leaflets)

untitled (they are interactive)

stages, one of a series of photographs taken in nikel, russia, 2010

untitled, antique display cases, installation view from the show heavy on the institution at kabk 2011

"This exhibition took place in the entrance hall of KABK, a typical non-space that students and staff hurry through and do not pay much attention to. The space was pared back to its original architecture, while all of the usual accruements of the entrance were used as the basis of new works. Antique display cases that usually flank the walls were placed so as to disrupt the usual paths of users. The live streaming of the space habitually projected on the back wall was replaced with a historical image of previous generations in the building. Poster boards became sculptures. The space was activated, remembering its own institutional past and calling attention to itself as an institutional space in the present".

MARCHIVE 1, 2011

untitled (they are interactive) installation with glass, metal strings and photograph. five times solo, royal gallery kabk the hague, 2010

untitled, installation with movement sensors, lamps with colour filters and chairs, the researchers present: the kick off! van maanenkade, the hague, 2010

untitled (drawing #15 from the blog paper cracks, 2012)

they are interactive, part 2. a compilation of images put together for the exhibition 'shock control regression adaption', by raurouw, 17 july -20 august, 2010 at program, initiative for art and architecture collaborations, berlin.

eliza en roos, video-still, 2009

untitled, video-still, 2009

waiting game, performance, 2009

The public is guided into an empty space, where the performance that is announced will take place. After a while a person enters, walks to the end of the space and puts an A4 paper on the wall with tape. On the paper the text above is written. After putting up the paper, the person stays in the space and waits together with the public.

untitled, polaroid, 2008